Welcome to March Podiatry Practice

Welcome to March Podiatry Practice

March Podiatry Practice Ltd

The team at March Podiatry Practice are passionate about finding solutions to your problems that prevent you from enjoying life to its fullest.

We focus on keeping people active, healthy and happy so you can have the very best quality of life possible whatever your age. The team of clinicians provide a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment, providing a full range of services for mind and body to offer you an individual treatment plan, to meet your specific needs.

We provide a full range of Podiatry Treatments to diagnose and treat your foot disorders, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy to treat anyone who may have tight or aching muscles, and Counselling Services to provide you support to enable you to find the answers to your problems and questions.

We offer Tai Chi Classes, an excellent low impact exercise that combines breathing and relaxation with slow gentle movements, to help you to reduce stress, improve your general mobility, plus Falls Prevention Assessments and Chair Based Exercise, or Strength and Balance Exercise Classes all designed to increase the muscles strength in the legs, improve balance and general mobility with the aim of reducing your risk of falling.

Our clinical staff are registered with their own professional bodies and where appropriate registered with the Health Care Professions Council and are supported by a full time team of receptionists, overseen by our Practice Manager.

We have two clinics in Cambridgeshire, one in the town of March, located in the High Street, which started in 1999 and one at The New Queens Street Surgery in Whittlesey which started in 2008.


Our March Practice

March Podiatry Practice Limited is based at 47 – 49 High Street, March, Cambs, PE15 9JJ, this is our main clinic site.

There is a large free car park just behind the clinic, at the City Road car park. This has disabled spaces near to the clinic, however people with very limited mobility can also be dropped off at the front of the clinic.

The clinic has double opening doors which allow ease of access for wheelchairs or pushchairs, so parents with children are always welcome. Two of the three treatment rooms are on the ground floor, the rooms are spacious with wide doors and the latest equipment. We have a large disabled toilet on the ground floor.

The large treatment room upstairs is used for more mobile patients and some of the exercise classes. This room is also available for meetings and courses.

We provide Home Visits for Podiatry for people in the local area who are unable to attend our clinic for appointments.

Many treatments are covered by Medical Health Insurance, please check with your insurance company before your appointment. We accept payment by cash, cheque or card. Card payments can also be taken over the phone.

To book an appointment, please call 01354 651200 and our reception team will be pleased to help you, alternatively you can leave a message on our 24 hour answerphone.

Opening Hours
9:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 1:00pm
9:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday 9:00am – 8:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm

Our Whittlesey Practice

We provide a full range of Podiatry Treatments to treat your foot problems at The New Queen Street Surgery, in Syers Lane, Whittlesey, PE7 1AT. Our Podiatrists work at the surgery on Tuesdays and Fridays .

Many treatments are covered by Medical Health Insurance, please check with your insurance company before your appointment.

We accept payment by cash, or cheque, however card payments can be taken over the phone by our March clinic.

To book an appointment, please call our MARCH CLINIC on 01354 651200 and our reception team will be pleased to help you, alternatively you can leave a message on our 24 hour answerphone.

Opening Hours
Tuesday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Friday 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Evening and weekend appointments are available at our March clinic.


Sarah-jane Hooper

Clinic Director and Lead Podiatrist

Sarah-Jane has a broad range of knowledge in all aspects of podiatry including diabetes, rheumatology and arthritis, child foot health and gait abnormalities. After completing her Podiatry degree from Brighton University in 1998, she worked for the local NHS Podiatry department for 3 years, in a London private practice for 3 years and was part of the medical team for the London Marathon for many years.  She set up her private practice in 1999 and now works alongside a team of other podiatrists and health professionals.  

Jacky Burns


Jacky initially qualified as a RGN in 1991, she worked for the NHS for some years then travelled to Australia and continued to work as a nurse in a variety of settings. On her return to the UK she completed a podiatry degree whilst continuing to work as a District Nurse part time. Jacky joined Cambridge Commiunty Services NHS trust in 2009 as a podiatrist within a high risk community team. On moving to Peterborough she joined March Podiatry Pratice in 2013.

Ross Settle


Ross qualified from Northampton University and joined March Podiatry Practice in September 2015, having previously worked for Shuropody around Northhampton, Milton Keynes and more recently Huntingdon. Over the last three years he has gained experience in treating a wide range of foot conditions in a clinical and home setting.

Phillip Young

Sports and Remedial massage therapist

Philip provides a professional and ethical service to patients for a wide range of problems. He has attended a number of workshops and courses as part of his ongoing professional development to learn new techniques to enhance his treatments. Alongside his work, he is a keen runner, participating in athletics for many years and also holds a UK athletics level 3 qualification as a running coach.

Kirsty Morgan


Kirsty has working with many different client groups including young people within a school and college, a counselling service and also with adult’s within a GP environment. She has worked in a secure unit within the NHS, working with men with dangerous and severe personality disorders.

Marilyn Clarke

Tai Chi Teacher

Marilyn is a Tai Chi instructor with the international Tai Chi for Health Institute, and also an instructor in Shibashi – a form of qi gong breathing exercise. Marilyn has experience working with groups with specific health needs, such as diabetes, or arthritis.

Mandy Waddon

Practice Manager

Mandy joined the practice in September 2006, working alongside our other receptionists to provide all aspects of administrative patient care, having previously worked in practice management the NHS for 20 years. In 2014 Mandy was promoted to Practice Manager. Her role now also includes overseeing the day to day running of the practice.   


Lynn Maher


Lynn has worked in administrative roles for most of her working life, either front of house or behind the scenes dealing with all aspects of customer service. Lynn worked on the Ambulance service as a care assistant for twelve years which she enjoyed very much but was forced to leave when she moved away from the area.

Tracy Salisbury


Tracy has always worked in a communication driven role and she is great at looking after our administrative jobs and working on reception. 

Elliott Palmer

Falls Prevention specialist

Elliott helps identify and reduce the risk of individuals who are 65 years and older from falling. He works on 1:1 falls assessment, Chair based exercise sessions and strength and balance classes. He loves meeting a variety of different individuals helping them to reduce the risk of them falling, maintain independence and increase confidence.



Specialist care for your feet; general condition, circulation and the sensation of your feet are all assessed. Treatment and advice is then given for a variety of foot health problems.


Badly aligned foot joints can cause pain within the feet and also knees, hips and lower back. Where alignment is incorrect, orthotics (moulded insoles) can help realign the bones and improve gait to relieve the symptoms. To assess your lower limb alignment and function of your feet, you may benefit from specialist assessment.

Sports and Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial massage is a safe, effective and proven therapy that is not the sole privilege of the professional athlete. It is provided by our Sports Massage Association/Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage accredited Practitioner.


Thinking about and then going into therapy can be one of the hardest decisions a person can make. For you to realise that things are not how you wish them to be and to want to make a change is for most, the beginning of this journey.

Tai Chi Classes

Tai chi is a form of Chinese exercise, derived from the martial arts, it combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements.

Falls Prevention Services

Some older people may be reluctant to seek help and advice from their GP and other support services about preventing falls, because they believe their concerns won’t be taken seriously. However, all healthcare professionals take falls in older people very seriously because of the significant impact they can have on a person’s health.


Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation.

More course details to follow. Watch this space !

Low Level Laser Therapy

More details to follow. Watch this space !


Hypnotherapy is a skilled verbal communication, used during hypnosis, which helps direct a client’s imagination in such a way as to bring about intended alterations in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour.


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