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Specialist care for your feet; general condition, circulation and the sensation of your feet are all assessed. Treatment and advice is then given for a variety of foot health problems.


If toenails are not cut regularly a range of problems can result; long nails may pierce the adjacent toes, the nail bed can become damaged or the nail itself can become thickened over time. If nails are cut incorrectly they can become ingrown and pierce the skin. Ingrown nails can be treated under local anesthesia. For persistent ingrown nails a small surgical procedure can permanently cure the problem.

Corns and Callus

Hard skin, (also known as callus) and corns can make your feet uncomfortable and can cause pain when you walk, while hard cracked heels can lead to infection. They usually occur as a result of excessive friction or pressure on the soles of your feet. The removal of callus and corns can improve discomfort in the feet and alievate symptoms.


Verrucae are warts found on the feet. They are caused by viruses and show as small growths within the skin. They often present as a single lesion and can be painful when over an area of high pressure. Verrucae can spread and become harder to treat if left for a long time, so having them treated early is recommended. There are a variety of treatment options available, which will be discussed at your first appointment.

Diabetic Assessment

Diabetes can have many adverse effects on the body and particularly at risk are the feet. As many as 35% of people with diabetes have a loss of sensation or numbness in their feet, but many are not aware they have a problem. It is very important that the feet are checked at least once a year to assess for any change. If you or a relative have diabetes and have not been assessed recently, book in for a check-up soon.

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