Thinking about and then going into therapy can be one of the hardest decisions a person can make. For you to realise that things are not how you wish them to be and to want to make a change is for most, the beginning of this journey.

With counselling it’s all about journeys, journeys towards positive growth, recovery and self-empowerment. Our counsellor from Morgan Walker Counselling recognises the courage it takes to make these changes and is here to help support you on your journey.

Individual counselling. 

The counsellor is there to listen and help you question the way you look at things, the way you behave or react to situations or people and also help you to develop new strategies for dealing with your situation. As counselling sessions progress, they will get to know you, develop an understanding of your circumstances, listening to what you have to say and offer support and insight. The sessions will go at your pace, working on whatever you wish to bring to each appointment.

The counsellor  will give you space and time to explore any difficulties or worries you are experiencing. They will work towards building a therapeutic relationship together which will be based on trust, respect and empathy and create a non-judgemental space where you will feel able to be yourself and express your emotions.


Couples counselling. 

Attending couples counselling, much like individual counselling is a daunting decision to make. To feel that things are not okay within the relationship and voice this to your partner can be a scary idea. But in doing so, it shows you care and that you wish to make changes with this person and within your relationship together. Couples come to counselling for many different reason, some include difficulties with money, children, in-laws, health, infidelity and difficulties with sex.

Couples counselling is a space for couples to speak with each other and to feel heard by each other, to feel able to talk about how each other is feeling and share their needs within the relationship.

Couples counselling is open to all couples, regardless of marital status, sexuality or personal situations. We just ask that you both want to attend and are open to making changes to get the most out of the sessions.


Young persons counselling.

Morgan Walker Counselling offers counselling to young people from the age of 13 to 17. You may wish to seek counselling to help you with many different difficulties including school or college, friendships, bullying, self image or self esteem or maybe difficulties in the family home. You may not be feeling yourself and would just like to talk to somebody away from school, home and friends. It can be hard to say “I’m not okay” and ask for some support. Morgan Walker Counselling is here to support you in understanding your feelings, to help you make sense of your worries and to make you feel heard.

Counselling will help you feel good about yourself again by helping you to manage your thoughts, feelings and how you respond. Counselling can be upsetting at times, but in working with your sadness and low mood we can find the course of your difficulties and work towards making you feel good again

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