Badly aligned foot joints can cause pain within the feet and also knees, hips and lower back. Where alignment is incorrect, orthotics (moulded insoles) can help realign the bones and improve gait to relieve the symptoms.

To assess your lower limb alignment and function of your feet, you may benefit from specialist assessment.

Video gait analysis

To accurate assess your natural alignment and gait, you may be asked to walk on a treadmill or across the floor, while being filmed from the front, back and side. These images are played back in slow motion so the joints and limb motion can be assessed.

Pressure plate analysis

March Podiatry practice was the first clinic in Cambridgeshire to use the F-Mat and F-Scan Pressure Plate Technology. This uses Computerised floor sensors create pressure maps to show how much pressure each part of your foot takes as you walk. The aim of your treatment will be to return the pressure distribution to as close to normal as possible, to reduce excessive strain to your body and joints, to try to reduce your pain and prevent further damage or injury.

Provision of Orthoses and Insoles


Some foot conditions may respond to a simple insole rather than orthoses. Insoles can work well when extra cushioning is required or we want to reduce pressure from a painful area, like a corn.

Orthoses are moulded devices either hand made or ready made devices which improve your foot position, they are worn inside your footwear.

Ready made orthoses can be useful for some people, depending on their condition and the extent of their poor foot alignment. We would need to book a one hour Biomechanical Evaluation to assess your lower limb alignment, fit the orthoses to you, and provide advice about how to start wearing them. A review appointment would be booked to review your progress after a few weeks.

For the hand made orthoses, we book a one hour Biomechanical evaluation to assess your feet and take a mould of your feet, this is sent with your prescription to an Orthotic Laboratory in to make the hand made orthoses.

Once back from the laboratory, the orthoses are fitted to you and we provide advice about how to start wearing them. A review appointment would be booked to review your progress after a few weeks.

We recommend that all insoles and orthoses are reviewed annually to review your condition and ensure the insoles or orthoses are still effective and the most appropriate treatment for you.

Your podiatrist can give you more information about the most suitable option for you.

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