Sports and Remedial massage is a safe, effective and proven therapy that is not the sole privilege of the professional athlete. It is provided by our Sports Massage Association/Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage accredited Practitioner.

A regular Sports and Remedial Massage will benefit individuals from all backgrounds, to maintain good flexibility and movement, and reduce the risk of occupation over use, which may result in injury. Athletes of all abilities can benefit, the treatment will enhance their training and enable maximum fulfillment from the commitment to their chosen Sport.

Benefits of Regular Massages?

  • By increasing blood circulation and lymphatic flow, the clearing of waste products and repair of damaged muscle tissues is speeded up, so reducing recovery time between training sessions.
  • The overall condition of muscles will improve, improving the texture and flexibility of the muscles, minimising the risk of injury.
  • Problem areas area are identified, enabling changes in training or treatment can be given, reducing the risk of injury occurring.
  • Tired muscles are relaxed and a feeling of rejuvenation induced.
  • Most injuries have a soft tissue element, with Sport and Remedial Massage providing effective treatment.
  • Sports and remedial massage is not limited to sports people and tension built up from occupational factors is reduced i.e. neck or shoulder ache from excessive time at a desk or computer is effectively managed

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